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  • Vortech or Procharger system on a Jet Boat????

    Oct 26, 2007 · Here's our thoughts, if you took a TX-19, stage II/III blueprinted pump turning a bronze A/B impeller, and ran a fairly mild 468 or 496 stroker, and add a vortech or procharger system (adjust. boost from 8-15 pounds of boost) the boat could easily see 100 mph plus and should be very quick too.

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    Family and Pleasure Boating Magazine July 2001 The Boat American Offshore has become known for its fast boats. The 2600 is the first boat that American Offshore marketed, and it has since added larger boats to the line. The American Offshore 2600 is probably partly responsible for the recent onslaught of 25- to 27-foot single-engine cats. It was with this boat that many boaters realized that ...

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    Pre-owned Trailers After you get your new to you TPD feel free to call bring it in and have it customized to your needs or just schedule it in for general maintenance. This portion of our website is to help people with pre-owned TPD Trailers hit a market/ crowd already looking for them.


    THIS IS A 355 CRATE ENGINE 3609796966. Piston clearance on cylinder, piston to valve, & deck clearance checked & set. Head cc's are checked. Each engine has the static & dynamic compression ratio set for maximum horsepower with desired fuel octane.