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  • Painted Concrete Floors | Concrete Floor Ideas | Concrete ...

    Are you looking for concrete floor ideas? This slideshow has unique ideas for stained, scored, engraved, and painted concrete floors. Plus, get tips on how to achieve the looks in your own home, and more importantly, how to maintain them.

  • Compare Staining Concrete with Other Flooring Materials ...

    Decorative stained concrete offers a number of advantages that other flooring materials can't match, particularly when it comes to design versatility. Here, we compare stained concrete floors .

  • Good Fellow Concrete – Concrete Contractors in Bend, Oregon

    With 23+ years of experience, we've done just about everything you can do with concrete – from refinishing driveways to stamped patios to epoxy floors. If you have a residential or commercial concrete project, expertise is only a phone call away. Call us today and tell us about your vision. (541) 350-3010

  • Best Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes - Rock Solid

    Best Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes In recent years, concrete has emerged as a top flooring option for Portland homes. Instead of traditional vinyl, carpet, or hardwood flooring, today's homeowners are turning to concrete floors for a stylish and durable solution.

  • Your Concrete Guy :: Complete Decorative Concrete Services ...

    Decorative concrete has become one of the most desired options for basements, garages, patios, shops and restaurants. More than a floor coating, decorative concrete creates lasting beauty at a reasonable price. At Your Concrete Guy, we balance rapidly changing concrete technology with our customers' unique needs and budgets.

  • Concrete Floor Contractors in Oregon

    Concrete Floor Contractors in Oregon. All Concrete Contractors. Patios, Walks, Pool Decks, & Driveways. Stamped Contractors. Staining Contractors. Countertop Contractors. Concrete Floor Contractors. Polished Contractors. Find a Contractor > Concrete Floor Contractors > Oregon Portland-Salem-Vancouver, WA and Northern Oregon; Eugene-Bend and ...

  • Cracks In a Concrete Garage Floor: When Are They Serious ...

    New Homes' – Cracks that occur in the first few months or years. Shrinkage cracks. When a garage floor is first poured, the concrete begins to harden (contractors say cure) and when this process takes place the concrete shrinks a little; a 20 foot square of freshly poured concrete will shrink about a 1/8 of an inch in each direction.

  • Ultra Quiet Floors

    Ultra Quiet Floors, Inc. specializes in residential, -family and commercial floor solutions. Gypsum Underlayments. Sound Control Systems. Floor Leveling. Cement Based Self Levelers. Concrete Deck Systems. Waterproof Deck Systems. Gypsum Underlayment Repair. Radiant Floor Toppings

  • Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors - The Spruce

    Plain concrete slabs have served as the flooring material for basements, garages, patios, and utility areas for many years, but concrete is now also a viable material in modern homes, where it can be found in polished, etched, or stained form on the floors of any room in the house.

  • Your Concrete Guy :: Decorative Concrete Services ...

    Concrete Floors. Epoxy concrete floor coating is most commonly used in work areas such as garages, utility rooms, basements, or warehouses. The utility of epoxy is making it one of today's most popular decorative concrete floor coatings and is its biggest selling point.

  • Portland Concrete Design - Concrete Flooring

    Welcome to Portland Concrete Design!We are a family owned and operated company located in Beaverton, OR. With over 40 years of combined experience, our full menu of concrete resurfacing services are done with the highest quality of workmanship at very competitive prices.

  • Concrete - Factorio Wiki

    Concrete is an ingredient utilized for rocket silos, refined concrete, artillery turrets and facilities relating to nuclear material (reactors and centrifuges). Concrete serves as path with more advanced bonuses compared with stone bricks. Concrete increases walking speed by 40% and decreases vehicle rolling resistance, allowing for extra acceleration and top speed, although each vehicle is ...

  • The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring | DIY

    Concrete is incredibly hard and strong — no wonder it's used for streets and driveways! As a flooring material, it has all the strength and durability of a highway. You can't scratch or dent a concrete floor. It also can make a fashion statement. Added dyes and etching techniques can turn gray ...