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    The name "cone" derives from the fact that the shape in some species resembles a geometric cone. The individual plates of a cone are known as scales. The male cone (microstrobilus or pollen cone) is structurally similar across all conifers, differing only in small ways (mostly in scale arrangement) from species to species. Extending out from a ...

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    Small axial force is required to keep the clutch engaged. Simple design. For a given dimension, the torque transmitted by cone clutch is higher than that of a single plate clutch. Disadvantages Of Cone Clutch : One pair of friction surface only. The tendency to grab. The small cone angle causes some reluctance in disengagement.

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    Sep 26, 2013 · Article: Benefits And Uses Of White Sage. Image of Palo Santo stick and small white sage bundle. Image by dobrevune from Pixabay. Benefits And Uses Of White Sage Amanda Linette Meder. White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grows prevalently in California and in the Mountain West.

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    The ideal nose of a high speed, supersonic fighter like the F-15 Eagle, on the other hand, is a more pointed shape like a cone. Most supersonic aircraft, rockets, and missiles use a nose shape very similar to a cone but a little more rounded to provide more internal volume. This shape is called an ogive (pronounced "oh-zheeve" or "oh-zhive").

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cone shaped rain gauge? ... Which is a cone-shaped hill or small mountain. What cone-shaped mineral deposit hangs from the roof of a cave?

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    Advantages of electrostatic loudspeakers include levels of distortion one to two orders of magnitude lower than conventional cone drivers in a box, the extremely light weight of the diaphragm which is driven across its whole surface, and exemplary frequency response (both in amplitude and phase) because the principle of generating force and pressure is almost free from resonances unlike the ...

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    Red alder is a member of the Betulaceae family. This species is called red alder because the scraped or bruised tree barks develop a bright rusty reddish hue. Red Alder wood is soft and even-grained and is used particularly for firewood, but Native Americans have used it for a variety of small items such as bowls and rattles.

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    Do Performance Air Filters, Cold-Air Intakes and Induction Kits Work? Updated on May 12, 2019. Rain Defence. ... the idea being that you'll have the filter, which is usually cone shaped, situated somewhere it can suck in cold air, usually at the front of the bumper or somewhere else close to air flow. ... the small performance increase is great ...


    Many of us would prefer to enjoy the advantages of cone shaped filter container bottoms. The problem is, such containers are expensive and also can be difficult to install, since they require special support frameworks. It is possible, though, to retrofit flat bottomed containers with cone shaped bottoms at minimal cost and effort.


    Members of Pinaceae have small, ephemeral pollen cones and small to large woody ovulate (seed) cones. i. A pollen cone consists of a central axis and numerous small, flat, microsporophylls, each with two microsporangia on its lower surface. Scales of pollen cones remain small and soft.

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    The "flowers" of pine tree subsequently develop into a cone. The cones take about two–three years to mature after pollination. At maturity, the cones (ovulate or seed cones) may reach from as small as 3 cm long to a very large one reaching about 35 cm. Scales at the base and tip of the cone tend to be small and sterile, and therefore, bear no seeds.

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    Sep 09, 2014 · The Advantages and Disadvantages of Niche Marketing Advantages. Less competition. Unlike in generalized marketing where market competition is still, niche marketing has quite less competition for the viable customers purchasing the products. Brand loyalty. Niche marketing makes it possible for businesses to build their brand loyalty.