arbortech mini 012

  • Arbortech Mini-Grinder Carving Tool

    The Mini-Grinder is an extremely efficient carving tool. The 2" cutter lets you sculpt, trench and shape. It effortlessly removes wood with or against the grain while drawing freehand with no grabbing. Designed to help prevent kickback. Cutter can be shar

  • CWS Store - Arbortech Power Carving

    Arbortech Power Carving. Arbortech was incorporated in 1988 with the release of the Woodcarver™ Blade, a revolutionary product that allows the user to powerfully shape wood using free-hand techniques. ... Arbortech Mini Tungsten Carbide Blade FG-012 $32.55. Arbortech Mini Turbo FG-500 $139.00. Arbortech Power Carving Unit PWC.FG.600.00 $299 ...

  • Arbortech IND.FG.012 Teeth 3 Pack + 3 Screws - Tegs Tools

    Arbortech IND.FG.012 Teeth 3 Pack + 3 Screws-Speed and PowerChip Limiter prevents kickbackRounded teeth

  • Arbortech - Arbortech Mini Industrial Blade

    Constructed with tungsten carbide teeth, the Arbortech™ Mini Industrial Blade offers optimum performance and blade longevity. Another feature of the blade is the depth of cut: 10mm (3/8") deep. If needed the blade can easily be sharpened using a fine diamond lapping file. Features: • Replacement blade for Arbortech Mini Carver