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    Our sugar yield i.e. cane yield x sugar recovery %cane is less than half of the developed cane growing countries of the world. Still it is not the lowest in the world. The goal of increasing sugar yield per unit area is difficult, time consuming and needs dedicated efforts of government, millers and the growers.

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    about 16 percent of the total sugar grown in the United States (includes both sugar from sugar beet and sugar-cane). Approximately 32,000 people are employed in the production of sugar in Louisiana on 690 farms and in 18 factories. Why do farmers burn sugarcane in the first place? Farmers burn sugarcane to reduce the amount of leafy

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    The sugar cane flowers early May through June and July to November is typically cane harvesting season for our local sugar industry. Originally the cane was burnt before harvesting but nowadays in the tropical north it is generally cut 'green'.

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    141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health. Sugar plays a role in the cause and the continuation of acne. Sugar can ruin the life of both men and women by turning off the gene that controls the hormones. Sugar can cause fatigue, moodiness, nervousness, and depression. Sugar can make many essential nutrients less available to cells.

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