rock salt discovered

  • The Surprising History of Road Salt

    The rock salt under Detroit was first discovered in 1895. Development of the resource proceeded slowly until 1914, when the salt mine produced 8,000 tons of rock salt each month, much of it hauled by donkeys, lowered into, but reportedly never brought back up, from the mine.

  • 50-lb Sodium Chloride Rock Salt Ice Melt at Lowes

    50-lb Sodium Chloride Rock Salt Ice Melt at Lowe's. The safe and economical choice that begins melting ice and snow quickly upon application. Rock salt also creates added traction for roadways, driveways,

  • 50 lbs. Rock Salt Bag-4664 - The Home Depot

    Been using Rock Salt for several years so when Home Depot displays and sells a bright yellow 50 pound bag of ROCK SALT, it was easily purchased. Expectations being the contents is actually ROCK SALT. As it turns out a very small percentage of product is rock salt sized products. The rest is flaky material.