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    Specialized in trading of used machinery for Marble and Granite industry.


    Tipping and splitting equipment Systems for tipping and splitting stone benches include both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

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    Beige Limestone quarry Southern Italy- fully licenced. March, 2019 Location : Bari in Southern Italy ideally located from shipping ports Material : This quarry can produce, at the same time : Serpeggiante; Perlato Svevo 4 different benches and qualities; Crema Luna; Belmonte (from 100 to 140 cm high); Limestone sand and gravel,

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    Because stone is forever. Nothing says timeless like genuine stone – each piece is its own majestic work of art. Sourced from our own American quarries and available in a rich array of colors and styles, our thin stone dazzles the senses with exquisite beauty and incomparable glamour.

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    Natural stone, however, is a fragment of the stream of life, the heartbeat of the ages, the skin of our planet. Perfect in its peculiarities, it is asymmetrical, rough, irregular, incomplete and imbalanced. It is purity in its most perfect form: design, colors and patterns handed to us by history.

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    The three stone quarries of Syracuse are situated to the north of the city, on the mainland, at the foot of the limestone platform. Their current name, latomia, is a Greek loan word, derived from lithos and temnos, "cut stones". The first stone cutters appear to have been active in the sixth century BCE, and work has continued for many centuries.

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    karimissa offers used/reconditioned and/or new machines of known only italian brands that maintain efficiency and a high economic value over time. offering more than just a convenience, sourcing, quality karimissa includes: gangsaw and block cutting machines, polishing machines, finishing machines, surface treatment machines, flamming machines, water jet cutting, water treatment machines, bush ...

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    Jul 26, 2017 · The Majestic Marble Quarries of Northern Italy. Hundreds of quarries have operated in the Apuan Alps since the days of ancient Rome. (The Romans harvested the stone with such manic intensity that it became the architectural signature of the empire's power; Augustus liked to boast that he inherited a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.)...