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  • Hidden Voice & Audio Recorders

    Some audio recorders come inside a Flash drive, for example, like the type you might have in your office. Others come hidden inside executive-style pens, key chains and more. Others aren't necessarily designed to be covert in the room and are instead add-on devices that you .

  • TA Speaker Topics: Vent FAQ's

    The type of speaker protection a designer chooses will depend on the application of the speaker. A fuse may be fine for home hi-fi applications but most performers would rather have a speaker die a slow tortured death than to ever have a blown fuse shut down their performance before a live audience.

  • Speaker Protection Device - Classic Audio and Video Equipment

    Protects speakers against damaging signal levels, with no degradation or compromise of audio signal : 2 - SOLD. 4 remaining. Pro-Tech . QED SP-150SC. USA? Passes full frequency range with no distortion : Each unit originally purchased for $120.00. 1 In Original Box. 3 Used - still mint. Similar to the Pro-Tech

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    Important Notice. The materials do not address all legal considerations as there is inevitable uncertainty regarding interpretation of laws, regulations, and rules and the application of such laws, regulations, and rules to particular fact patterns. Each person's activities can differently affect the obligations that exist under applicable laws,...

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    Our best performing portable Bluetooth speaker yet, enjoy 360 degrees of sound in a sophisticated and portable design. Designed for immersive sound on the go. .

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    Current protection devices from TDK Electronics include PTC and NTC Inrush Current Limiters, Thermistors for Overcurrent Protection, PTC for Telecom Applications. Our website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service.

  • AES E-Library » Lamps for Speaker Protection

    Lamps for Speaker Protection. Incandescent lamps have been used for over fifty years as loudspeaker protection devices, but a large amount of misinformation about them exists. The author measures static and dynamic parameters of over thirty types of auto lamps, as well as tests some types for consistency between manufacturers and production.