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    Figure 11.15-2 is a flow diagram of a typical batch plant. The furnace most commonly used is a continuous regenerative furnace capable of producing between 45 and 272 megagrams (Mg) (50 and 300 tons) of glass per day. A furnace may have either side or end ports that connect brick checkers to the inside of the melter.

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    Training Flow Charts – Displays the processes involved during training and the more specific program training. In relation to training or development, examples of behavior flow chart are available in the site. Company Flow Charts – Shows different data or controls involving the operations of the company. The construction company flow chart and manufacturing company flow chart show information regarding .


    COMPRESSOR DIAGNOSTIC FLOW CHART Fill in data and circle yes or no as you go thru the chart. Ice Machine Problem Indicates Possible Compressor Malfunction Check Compressor Compressor Is Not Running Compressor runs, pumps, but the ice machine is not working properly Compressor is Running, but not pumping Yes No Yes No Yes Measure voltage at compressor.

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    The flow chart illustrates the process of recycling of the paper which will not used anymore. This process involves six steps which includes waste paper collection, sorting by hand, transportation, cleaning, de-inking and the last step is paper making machine.

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    More Tips about Flow Chart Making a Flow Chart can be a really hard task if you do not know how to make one. Following the step by step procedure should make it easier, as well as looking up for some templates and make it as a guideline. Here are some tips for a much more hassle-free flow charting: 1.

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