how to install decomposed granite walkways

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    Step 4: Install 1″ of Leveling Sand. Actually, you don't want to use sand because you'll need to walk on this layer a lot and as you know, sand moves when you walk on it. So instead, you'll want to use some crushed rock that includes the screenings. Where I'm from, the best stuff to use is called Decomposed Granite .

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    How To Build Natural DG Pathways Like A PRO (and how to avoid disaster) ... DG walkways are hands-down the best bang for the buck, ... Install the decomposed granite directly over the subbase and grade into place using a grade rake, screed board, or hand tools for tighter areas.

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    Crushed Granite Benefits. Why install a crushed granite walkway? Doing so offers a number of benefits to users, such as: Beauty – Of course the natural beauty of crushed granite is a huge draw to those interested in installing a new walkway. There are a number of lovely colors and textures to choose from.

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    TechniSoil G3 - Pathway Stabilizer is a simple solution for enhancing landscapes with custom pathways and patio areas. This eco-friendly liquid polymer stabilizer for decomposed granite and crushed stone mixes yields a durable, dust-free surface in only a few basic steps.