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    Aug 15, 2009 · I know that 9.1A at 120V for a motor with no load does not seem very good. But what you are forgetting is the Power Factor. An induction motor with no load is a very inductive load - the current is out of phase with the voltage. As the motor is loaded, the power factor increases, drawing more real power from the supply.

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    The speed of the rotor magnetic field in an induction motor lags slightly behind the synchronous speed of the changing stator magnetic field. This difference in speed between rotor and stator fields is called slip and is measured in %.The slip of an AC motor is a key factor and is necessary to produce torque.

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    A capacitor start motor is a split-phase induction motor with a starting capacitor inserted in series with the startup winding, creating an LC circuit which produces a greater phase shift (and so, a much greater starting torque) than both split-phase and shaded pole motors.. Resistance start motor. A resistance start motor is a split-phase induction motor with a starter inserted in series with ...

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    Jan 29, 2019 · The Capacitor Motor, which belongs to the Single-phase Induction motor, is explained in this video. From the content: 0:27 How a Rotating magnetic field RMF with only one Single Phase can be ...