crushing ratio 压扁率

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    DAR - display aspect ratio,,,。 SAR - storage aspect ratio,,。

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    Rubber or plastics hoses--Test method for crush resistance GB/T 5567-2006 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Determination of suction resistance GB/T 5568-2006

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    The average drying rate of the experiment was 3.04%/h, and the theoretic value 2.95%/h.: ,2 95 % h, 3 0 4 % h .: When the Ca(OH)_2 slurry is dried in the atmosphere of SO_2, drying rate would be slower because of more crystals of CaSO_3·0.5H_2O precipitating on the surface of the slurry.

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    Based on the metal nanoparticle reinforced fiber-optic ATR collapsed glucose sensor comprising an optical fiber composed of a fiber core and wrapped in an outer periphery of the fiber cladding of the fiber core, the optical fiber is formed in the middle there is a flattened area, in the optical fiber growth of metal nanoparticles on the surface portion of the crush zone, the fiber stub ...

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    ,。 Based on the definition of crushing ratio, the moisture loss and drying characteristic of .

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    SDR,;SDR,。 SDR(standard dimension ratio of a fitting):dee,。

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    DAR - display aspect ratio,,,。 SAR - storage aspect ratio,,。

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    What is the meaning of in English and how to say in English? English meaning,,,, translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by ichacha.

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    "pipe crushing machine" ; "rock crushing machine" "roll crushing machine" "roller crushing machine" "root crushing machine" "stone crushing machine"

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    PAR DAR SAR PAR - pixel aspect ratio()1:1,, DAR - display aspect ratio(),,, SAR - storage aspect ratio() .

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    PAR - pixel aspect ratio1:1,,. DAR - display aspect ratio,,,。

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