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    Dec 19, 2008 · Re: Tile over old and new concrete Membranes are a pretty good idea for this type of application. Not all membranes are waterproofing- most are meant to allow the tile to bridge small cracks in the concrete without fracturing. I believe that's the first application for the various woven membranes, but I'm pretty ignorant of tile overall.

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    Anti-Fracture Membrane. Although the membrane is bonded to the concrete and the tile to it, the membrane stretches where needed to prevent or reduce force transference. These membranes are either trowel applied or sheet applied. In many cases, ple components or steps are part of the system.


    The application of fracture mechanics is most urgent for structures such as concrete dams and nuclear reactor vessels or containments, for which the safety concerns are particularly high and the consequences of a potential disaster enormous. Surveys of concrete fracture mechanics have recently been prepared by various commit­