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  • Screening of Some Nigerian Medicinal Plants for Anti ...

    Ethanol, methanol, n-hexane, chloroform and water extracts of the plants were screened for antimicrobial activity using the paper disc diffusion method. Phytochemical screening of the medicinal plants showed they had significant concentrations of alkaloids, phlobatannins, .

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    sand screening machine plant in Nigeria; Browsing all Sand & Gravel products - Deister Machine. Designed especially to integrate into existing stationary plants or portable plants where lack of head room prevents installation of taller inclined screens Proven especially efficient for washing and dewatering sand, gravel, stone, coal and,


    In Nigeria, the plant is used mainly for the treatment of rheumatism and painful swellings, and the leaves decoction is used to relieve stomach ache, diarrhoea, dysentery, cough, stop abortion, conjunctivitis, circulatory problems and veneral diseases.